A small knitted heart, made with red yarn, is held up.


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These small knitted hearts by Frankie Brown make perfect decorations: whether as a garland for your home or as hanging ornaments from your Christmas tree. They can also be made in various different sizes, head to Ravelry for the full set of patterns.

Our Queen of Christmas, Jenifer Toksvig, takes us through how to make your very own set of knitted hearts…

A woman holds aloft a piece of knitting in the form of a heart.

Knitted heart pattern

You will need:

A ball of yarn
(Any coloured yarn will do! I’ve used aran weight yarn)
A pair of kneedles
(I’m using circular 5mm kneedles, be sure to use the appropriate needle size for your yarn)
A pair of scissors

Two knitting needles cross red yarn in a series of stitches.


st / sts stitch / stitches
K knit
SSK Slip, slip, knit: slip two stitches knitwise (or knitwise followed by purlwise) one at a time, insert tip of left needle into stitches from above, put yarn round right needle and knit both stitches together.
K2tog knit two stitches together

Two knitting needles cross red yarn in a series of stitches.

Pattern for 24 stitch heart:

3 cm / 1¼” tall

Using the long tail method, cast on 24 stitches.

Row 1: K8, (SSK) twice, (K2tog) twice, K8 (20 sts).
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K6, (SSK) twice, (K2tog) twice, K6 (16 sts).
Row 4: Knit.
Row 5: K4, (SSK) twice, (K2tog) twice, K4 (12 sts).
Row 6: SSK, K8, K2tog (10 sts).
Row 7: K1, (SSK) twice, (K2tog) twice, K1 (6 sts).
Row 8: SSK, K2, K2tog (4 sts).

Cut the yarn and thread through the remaining stitches. Close the gap at the top a little if needed and darn the yarn in down the centre of the heart. This will pull the middle down a bit which is helpful with this tiny heart. Darn in the cast on tail.

A small knitted heart, made with red yarn, is cast on a knitting needle.



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