A pink and grey image reads the words behind closed doors

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is a series of mini documentaries looking at how each play in our Summer 2021 season can help us explore the social, political and cultural issues of our modern world.

Taking you into the heart of a play’s journey from page to stage, they offer a rare insight into the complex discussions that often take place in a rehearsal room and form an essential part of ensuring the play speaks to audiences today.

Highlighting the ways in which a play’s themes uniquely intersect with each of the artists involved in bringing it to life, these short films offer the chance for us to challenge, confirm, remedy or refresh our understanding of the lasting impact of Shakespeare’s work.

Our digital discussion events are designed to enable in-depth conversations about the plays in our season. They give audiences access to conversations that may not normally be available by simply watching the play or reading programme notes.