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Stream productions from the comfort of your home

During this time when our buildings are closed, there are two exciting ways to virtually-attend our theatre productions online. You can enjoy our free YouTube Premieres or support us by renting and purchasing other films on Globe Player.



The below six plays will all be shown for free via our YouTube channel, one at a time, on rotation every two weeks, as part of ‘YouTube Premieres’.

You can subscribe now to set yourself a reminder for the Premieres, or check back on this page for updated links. Films will be available from their Premiere date for 14 days.

In return for these free videos, we appreciate any voluntary donations at this time. Your support is critical for our future. Thank you.



#Hamlet (2018)

Now Premiering on YouTube. Available until Sunday 19 April.

The Globe Ensemble, including Artistic Director Michelle Terry, bring to life Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy, Hamlet, in the Globe Theatre.



#RomeoandJuliet (2009)

Premiering on YouTube Monday 20 April, 7.00pm. Available until Sunday 3 May.

Dominic Dromgoole’s production brings refreshing clarity to one of Shakespeare’s most famous and best-loved tragedies.

From the original 2009 production:
Watch trailer

A man and woman stand facing each other on stage

#AMidsummerNightsDream (2013)

Premiering on YouTube Monday 4 May, 7.00pm. Available until Sunday 17 May.

Dominic Dromgoole directs Michelle Terry and John Light as fairy royalty in a Renaissance staging of this much-loved comedy.

From the original 2013 production:
Watch act 3, scene 1 teaser trailer

Actors on stage wearing masks lift an actor in the air

#TheTwoNobleKinsmen (2018)

Premiering on YouTube Monday 18 May, 7.00pm. Available until Sunday 31 May.

Inspired by the play’s Morris language and references, Shakespeare and Fletcher’s tragicomedy is brought to life by former Northern Broadside’s Artistic Director, Barrie Rutter.

From the original 2018 production:
Watch trailer
Watch rehearsal video

A group of actors in colourful Morris-inspired costumes stand on a stage

#TheWintersTale (2018)

Premiering on YouTube Monday 1 June, 7.00pm. Available until Sunday 14 June.

Blance McIntyre directs a new version of Shakespeare’s great play of the irrational and inexplicable.

From the 2018 original production:
Watch trailer
Watch rehearsal video
Watch backstage video 1
Watch backstage video 2

Two actors, a man and a woman, hold each other and their foreheads touch in affection

#TheMerryWivesofWindsor (2019)

Premiering on YouTube Monday 15 June, 7.00pm. Available until Sunday 28 June.

Directed by Elle White, The Merry Wives of Windsor draws influences from British 1930s fashion, music and dance.

From the original 2019 production:
Watch trailer
Watch interview with Falstaff

Two men sit on the edge of a stage laughing

Globe to Globe & The Complete Walk

34 productions from our 2012 Globe to Globe Festival, which welcomed artists from all over the world to perform Shakespeare’s works in their own language, will be shared for free.

All 37 films from The Complete Walk will also be available to watch, free, online. From Verona to Athens to Denmark, these 10-minute short films were set in the locations Shakespeare imagined, and featured an all-star cast including James Norton, Gemma Arterton, Meera Syal and Simon Russell Beale.

Stay tuned for further information and release dates.

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A man in a grey gown holds a couple's hands together who smile at each other

Whilst six productions are being Premiered for free via YouTube, you can also rent and buy an even larger collection of films (130 to be exact!), to enjoy via our video-on-demand platform, Globe Player.

These downloads are available for a cost – you can also send them to others to enjoy as a gift. As a charity that receives no annual government subsidy, we appreciate you using this service and supporting us at this difficult and challenging time.



We have just set up a regular email bulletin for anyone who would benefit from our educational resources – these could be to work alongside our production videos but also for ongoing learning use at this time when we have all had to adapt the way we teach Shakespeare.

Whether you’re teaching remotely, working from home with your children, or teaching in school with key workers’ children, sign up to the bulletin and you’ll receive an initial update soon.

Remember to tick the ‘Learning activities and teaching resources’ box before signing up.




Where can I watch films for free?

At this time, whilst our building is currently closed, we are releasing six productions to be shown for free as ‘Premieres’ via our YouTube channel. ‘YouTube Premieres’ is a feature on the app that lets all of our followers watch a new video together at the same time. All of the details are on this page and we’re asking for a voluntary donation in return.

How long will the free YouTube Premiere films be available?

Over the next few months, the six films will be on rotation, each available for a fortnight at a time, as YouTube Premieres. This page will highlight at the top which film is currently available to watch.

How can I join the discussion?

From 6.00pm on each release day on Twitter we’ll be discussing the plays. Get involved and share your thoughts with the production hashtags listed above.

How do I access YouTube?

You can view YouTube on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and most Smart TVs have a YouTube app.

Are downloads free on Globe Player too?

Separate from these six YouTube Premieres, there are 130 theatre shows available to watch via our online video service Globe Player – these do have a cost, to rent and to buy. As an organisation relying on your generous support at this time, we thank you for using this platform to help fund our work.

How can I be notified of new videos and other digital news?

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of new videos. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news and announcements.

How can you fulfil my access requirements for these free Premieres?

All six videos on YouTube will have English subtitles. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer audio-description services, but we will have audio notes available from VocalEyes.

Can I also still buy DVDs of Shakespeare’s Globe productions at this time?

Our physical and online shop, which usually sells DVDs of Shakespeare’s Globe productions, is currently closed.


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