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We need your support more than ever before

Following recent news that Shakespeare’s Globe will be closed to the public until further notice, we are in desperate need of donations.


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Thanks to your support, 40% of tickets to the Globe Theatre are still sold for only £5.

Education workshop

In 2019 our education team worked with over 140,000 people of all ages on site

‘Your support is critical for the future of Shakespeare’s Globe.’


We celebrate Shakespeare’s transformative impact on the world by conducting a radical theatrical experiment.

Inspired and informed by the unique historic playing conditions of two beautiful iconic theatres, our diverse programme of work harnesses the power of performance, cultivates intellectual curiosity and excites learning to make Shakespeare accessible for all.

And let us … on your imaginary forces work.

— Henry V, Prologue


Students watch a play in a large open-air theatre

Our annual flagship project Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank continues to transform the ways in which thousands of young people experience Shakespeare. In 2019, the production used integrated sign language to open the shows to Deaf students attending.

Shakespeare’s Globe is often where many people start a lifelong relationship with Shakespeare.

We’ve been looking back at the last year and how you connected with us. In 2019:

  • In the Globe Theatre, 40% of tickets were sold for only £5 and 50% for £25 or less
  • Our 13th Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production played to over 27,000 schoolchildren, over 18,000 of whom came for free
  • We delivered 3,000 workshops to schoolchildren and welcomed over 80,000 students
  • Our practitioners led workshops and conferences across the world, from Singapore to the USA
  • We celebrated 30 years of education and worked with over 140,000 people of all ages on site
  • We welcomed 287,045 people on tours
  • Work toured the UK, the US, Norway, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Austria
  • The launch of our new archive saw 130,000 items from our production and institutional collections digitised

All this was achieved without Arts Council or any other form of state funding – it happened because of your support.


For over 30 years, Members have shared Sam Wanamaker’s dream to rebuild the theatre and supported our celebrated productions, and ambitious education and community projects.

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